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What is Bank/Temp work?

Bank/Temp work within the Care Sector is where you do not have set hours but work when it suits both you and the provider. They will call you either once a week or every 2 weeks and ask what days you are available to work. If they have shifts available on those days, they will ask you to work.

What are the benefits Bank/Temp work?

There are many benefits of Bank/Temp work in Care such as:

  • Flexible working to fit around you
  • Being able to work at specific times of the year to suit you e.g. over Xmas or school holidays
  • Unlike agency you will be working with one care provider, helping you build rapport with the people you care for
  • Great for earning extra money as and when you need it
  • Learn new skills and gain experience

Will I get training?

Yes. All Care providers offer full training and you will have the opportunity to shadow experienced staff too.

Do I need experience?

No. Working in Care is all about having the right values: kind, patient, caring, reliable. As long as you have the right values and attitude then you will receive full training required to do the role.

What if I want to work more hours?

The hours you will work will depend on when you are available and hours the care provider needs from you to support them.

What if I only want to work for a few weeks at a time?

Many people work on Bank/Temp basis and work for a few weeks as and when they need to. As long as you let the care provider know your availability this won’t be an issue.

What is the Pay like?

Pay varies between each care provider. Check out our search for jobs page to get an idea of the rates available.

 Will it lead to full time work?

Bank/Temp work can lead to Full time or Part Time hours on a permanent basis. This depends on whether you are looking to increase and agree set hours, and based on the needs of the care provider. Many people stay on a Bank/Temp basis as they enjoy the flexibility.


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