Project Description

David, Senior Carer

I was not happy working as a delivery driver and my wife told me that she had seen a job advertised for a residential support worker in a children’s home. I was nervous during the interview because I had never done this kind of work before, but I found that I was able to relax and draw on my own feelings and experiences to answer the questions. When I secured the job, I was shocked to learn that I had been selected over people with years of experience. I worked with children for approximately seven years in various roles, learning about emotional behavioural difficulties and learning disabilities as well as other aspects of the care sector.

In 2018 I worked as a senior shift leader in a children’s home for 6 months. My mental health took a down swing, so I decided to leave care work for a while. I changed careers again and worked in the construction trade until the Covid-19 pandemic forced people like me out of work when the building sites shut down. I have a family member who works for Guardian Angel Carers so I heard that, due to the pandemic, a recruitment drive was underway. I applied for the role of a Domiciliary Carer and I have been with Guardian Angel Carers ever since. I have progressed to the role of Senior Carer based at our new branch in Fareham and I am working towards becoming the area Care Manager.

I believe that any person in need deserves to enjoy a better quality of life, and I feel lucky to work for a company that truly values people as individuals. I’ve been given the opportunity to progress in the care industry, and I feel fully supported as I work to provide care to those who need it.

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