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Provider Toolkit

Proud to Care West Sussex

Here in West Sussex we’ve joined up with the Proud to Care brand, our website:

  • Is the go to place for West Sussex jobs in care
  • Provides recruitment information, advice and guidance for jobs seekers and care providers
  • Raises the profile of working in care and shares the amazing stories of people working in care in West Sussex

Proud to Care West Sussex is a proactive approach to recruitment and retention to support the growing demand for care staff which is a nationwide issue.
We aim to reach all potential care workers including younger people and students, parents considering a return to work, people looking for a change in direction and the mature workforce.

West Sussex Jobs Board

The jobs board is available for all adult care providers in West Sussex to help promote adult care and to advertise vacancies in West Sussex and it’s a free service.


  • The jobs board is for advertising adult care and support vacancies only (we are unable to promote vacancies which care for under 16s)
  • Typical job roles could be care assistant, support worker, personal assistant, activities coordinator, registered manager etc.
  • Roles advertised will be paid

How to upload jobs

To upload a vacancy please go to www.proudtocarewestsussex.com/employers-hub/submit-a-job
You will be asked to login using the details we send you. If you need login details or have any questions please email us at proudtocare@westsussex.gov.uk and we will help you through the process.

Fill in the details of your job:

  • Job title – what’s the job you are advertising?
  • Job area – you have to choose one or more of these areas
  • Job type – flexible hours/full time/part time or bank/temp
  • Description – this is for the words that will sell the job and your organisation and make you stand out. You can also add a website link to a section of text – highlight the words for the link, click on the paper clip symbol, paste in the web URL you want to link (copied from the browser open in another window) and click the blue arrow to confirm.
  • Company – your company name
  • Salary/hourly rate – you will need to write in the figure and whether it’s per hour or annual. Please write ‘voluntary’ for unpaid work.
  • Application – include a website or email link for applicants to apply

Click on PREVIEW to see what potential candidates will see.

  • If you wish to make an amendment, click on EDIT LISTING
  • Please check all details thoroughly. Once you have submitted a job it cannot easily be withdrawn.
  • Once you are happy with what you have written, click on SUBMIT LISTING

West Sussex County Council Proud to Care team will look at submitted vacancies for approval on a regular basis. Once published, the expiry date is one month after publication. After this point your vacancy will no longer appear on the website and together we will review success and agree a plan of action.

Best Practice for Using the Jobs Board

Acceptable use
You are responsible for the content of your job advert, and any websites you link to. Advertising on the Proud to Care West Sussex website means you agree to:

  • Ensure jobs advertised are accurate, legal and don’t support any fraudulent activity
  • Follow the Plain English principles and use a high standard of spelling and grammar
  • Ensure content is appropriate for the purpose intended and not offensive or defamatory in any way
  • Be welcoming and open, following equality and diversity at all times
  • Not knowingly upload material which contains any harmful programme which would affect the operation of the website, computer equipment, other software or any other network, for example viruses or spyware

West Sussex County Council Proud to Care team want to help you produce a great advert, but we have a few simple rules.

We will:

  • Not publish submitted jobs if we consider them unsuitable
  • Suggest an edit to submitted content
  • Withdraw access to the system in the unlikely event acceptable use and eligibility are not met

Writing an eye catching job advert

A good job description should be clear and concise, containing the key elements of the job; you may also wish to include details on the values you are looking for in your candidates.

You should include the benefits of why someone would want to work for your organisation, alongside the pay and key expectations.

Being clear in your advert should help ensure applicants are fully informed on the role before applying, which should prevent time being wasted.

Adverts give you the opportunity to sell the role and don’t forget to include learning and development opportunities which may set your organisation apart from others.

Marketing Opportunities

You may use the Proud to Care West Sussex logo on your recruitment material. The correct logo can be seen below, and to access a copy please email proudtocare@westsussex.gov.uk

Please note the logo must not be squashed, stretched or altered in anyway. Providers in West Sussex using the Proud to Care West Sussex logo will be monitored for compliance.

The logo should have clear space around it and the logo should be clearly legible in the size used. The space should be the equivalent of the height of the letter ‘e’, as shown below.

Social media
We would be grateful if you could post messages about our Proud to Care West Sussex website on your social media channels. Please include #ProudtoCareWestSussex in any messages you post.

We will be posting regular updates and sharing relevant information on our own dedicated social media channels. We’d be really grateful if you could share some of the posts from @ProudtoCareWS on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact us
For further details please email proudtocare@westsussex.gov.uk