Retention Guide

Recruiting new staff can be an expensive process so it’s more important than ever to make sure you look after your staff. Figures from Skills for Care show that the Care Sector in the UK has a staff turnover rate of 30.8% – nearly twice the average of other professions. This can have a huge impact on your service from cost of re-recruiting, quality of service, re-training or even agency cover.

There is no one size fits all solution for recruitment and retention, so the Proud to Care Team have been working with local providers and care staff to gain insight into common issues in order to create this guide. A lot of this you may already be doing but hopefully you can take something useful from this guide that you can put into practice.

If you require any further support or advice on recruitment or retention, please get in touch with the Care Workforce Team

We hope you have found some of this information useful and as always if you need anything more support with recruitment of retention please get in touch with The Care Workforce Team