Where will I be working?

If you work in adult social care, you could help people in their own homes, in residential homes or in a number of other places such as day centres or [...]

Where will I be working?2022-05-06T15:54:41+01:00

Will I have to do personal care?

Personal care is usually required as part of the job and you really do get used to it. The degree of support offered will vary from person to person, support [...]

Will I have to do personal care?2022-05-06T15:55:08+01:00

What are the hours like?

The hours can vary, most residential homes have shifts 8am – 2pm, 2pm-8pm or 8pm-8am. There are some homes which do shorter shifts or longer day shifts depending on their [...]

What are the hours like?2022-05-06T15:55:47+01:00

Will I be working alone?

If you work in domiciliary care you will often work alone once you are fully trained and confident – you will start shadowing another member of staff until you are ready. In [...]

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What is the pay like?

Pay can range depending on where you work and experience. Rates in care are very competitive and come with many other benefits such as training and gaining new skills, some [...]

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What experience do I need?

You don’t need any experience just a willingness to learn and commitment to helping others. Working in care is all about having the right values: kind, patient, caring and reliable. [...]

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Will I get training?

Yes, all care providers offer full training and you will shadow experienced staff too. You will be fully supported during your induction and ongoing. If you have life experience of [...]

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What career prospects are there?

There are so many options available once you have experience in adult social care. Within the adult social care sector you can go up the ladder becoming a senior care [...]

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