Great Care Employer

New Scheme to Promote the Care Sector

With recruitment and retention figures at the most challenging level we have known, this new scheme is designed to help

  • attract people who are looking for a rewarding career in the care profession
  • support West Sussex care providers to promote their best practice.

Developed by West Sussex County Council in partnership with West Sussex Partners in Care, the Great Care Employer scheme has been shaped by local providers.

What is the purpose of the ‘Great Care Employer’ scheme?

We want to show job seekers that there is an abundance of great employers working in West Sussex offering:

  • Rewarding and flexible roles
  • Opportunities to learn and develop
  • A good work/life balance and a focus on wellbeing.

How does it work?

The scheme lists a range of potential ‘offers’ from care providers, each falling into one of four themes:

  • Pay & Benefits
  • Job Security & Flexibility
  • Learning & Development
  • Supported & Valued

The offers are based on research across the UK regarding the things that are most attractive and successful in terms of improving recruitment and retention.

Care providers place a tick against each item to show what is on offer. They can also add comments and any additional benefits which are not featured on the list.

Why should I use the Great Care Employer Scheme?

This new scheme has been developed by a group of care providers in collaboration with West Sussex County Council and West Sussex Partners in Care.

It has been developed with key objectives in mind:

  • To offer transparency; job seekers can see which benefits are provided and which are not
  • To help tackle myths about working in the care sector and improve interest in careers in social care
  • To give care companies an opportunity to showcase what a great employer they are, and provide a benchmark of best practice for care recruiters in West Sussex

Sign up here!!

If you’re interested in making sure your offer is available for display, then please fill in the interactive form by clicking the button below. Once you have completed the form please send it to: and we will upload it to the Great Care Employer Offers page. You can also save it and display it on your website, social media, job adverts or wherever you choose.